Calling all dog lovers!

Enter a picture of your dog quilt and/or a picture of your dog with a quilt for a chance to be featured in Quiltfolk’s fetching new special edition: Quiltfolk Dogs!

About Quiltfolk Dogs Submissions

Quiltfolk is partnering with author Teresa Duryea Wong to curate a fetching collection of artsy quilts featuring dogs, and you are invited to send us your best shots!

The quilt you enter to be considered for Quiltfolk Dogs must contain stitching, but all sizes and techniques are accepted (embellishment, thread painting, appliqué, collage, hand, machine, etc.)! To enter, please submit two high-resolution images: one full image and one detail shot. The selection process will be made from your submitted images; please do not send us the actual quilt. 

This call for entry is open to everyone, and all quilt types will be considered!

A Second Way to Enter

Beyond the quilts themselves, the remaining pages of Quiltfolk’s gorgeous special edition will be filled with images showing how much quilters love their dogs, and how much dogs love quilts! For these pages, non-quilt images will be considered. The paws-ibilities are endless: Show us your sweet pup snuggled up with a favorite quilt or your best companion curled up in their special spot in your sewing room!

To enter, please submit up to three high-resolution images of a dog (or dogs) near a quilt or in your sewing space. Be creative and send us that special shot that captures your love of dogs and quilts. Any quilt/dog combination will be considered!

Quiltfolk Dogs, to be released in early 2023, will be a visual treat! We could all use a little lift these days, and what’s better than a colorful collection of quilts and photos featuring our loveable, furry friends?

Entry Form

Use the form below to submit your photos for consideration!
Submissions will be open until August 20, 2022.

When you submit photos for consideration, you grant Quiltfolk and Teresa Duryea Wong full permission and rights to publish your images in any format related to Quiltfolk Dogs, including social media, printed promotional materials, and related products or publications. (This also applies to photo captions and artist statements about the quilts.) We will do our best to give full credit to the quilter and/or photographer when images are used, but some photos may be used in promotional materials without being credited. 

If your submission is selected to be featured in our special edition, we will reach out to you via email to review next steps.

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