Reviews from Readers

“Very best quilt magazine I have ever read! Subscribing today!”
-Sarah, OH

“Love all the personal stories in the publication. It is well worth the money!”
-Libby, PA

“A dear friend gave me a Quiltfolk subscription for my birthday. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I am enchanted. What a wonderful way to feel connected to the diverse quilting community in our country. I have thoroughly enjoyed the first two issues and look forward eagerly to Hawaii!”
-Anne, CT

“I started reading the personal stories and they hit home. Quilting is much more than the art of quilting. It’s the stress reliever, the camaraderie, the learning process when you thought you were too old to learn, the forgiveness, the love, heart and soul that goes into making it. Thanks to the women who share their story and the people at Quiltfolk that make this all possible. It’s great.”
-Laraine, NJ

“Let me say how much I have enjoyed my first issue of Quiltfolk! Thank you for publishing such an enjoyable, warm and beautiful glimpse into quilting as so many of us love it.”
-Marsha, MA

“When I first read about Quiltfolk I was skeptical but I decided to subscribe. What an absolute delight! I got lost in the issues, the lush photographs and compelling stories. Thank you! I was afraid quality like this was a thing of the past. Quiltfolk is soul-satisfying and I can’t wait for Issue 03.”
-Carol, CA

“I bought my first copy of Quiltfolk yesterday — your issue 02 — came home and read straight through, every word — and have now subscribed. Your publication is filling a space between monthly quilt magazines and quilt books — telling the stories of quilters. It is beautiful and I love it and I will share with my friends.”
-Becky , KY

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