Reviews from readers

“This is the only “magazine” I have a subscription to. Quiltfolk is by far the best magazine I have read in a long time!”
Becky, WY

“What an absolutely gorgeous magazine!! I received my copy today! Reading this magazine is like going into someone’s home, sitting down with them over a cup of coffee, and listening to their personal story. I am going next to their website and subscribing. I can’t wait to see where we go in the next issue. Keep up the GREAT WORK!!”
Jodene, OR

“I just received mine and cannot put it down. It’s the new love in my life.”
Ann, LA

“I started reading the personal stories and they hit home. Quilting is much more than the art of quilting. It’s the stress reliever, the camaraderie, the learning process when you thought you were too old to learn, the forgiveness, the love, and the heart and soul that go into making it. Thanks to the women who share their story and the people at Quiltfolk that make this all possible. It’s great.”
Laraine, NJ

“A dear friend gave me a Quiltfolk subscription for my birthday. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I am enchanted. What a wonderful way to feel connected to the diverse quilting community in our country. I have thoroughly enjoyed the first two issues and look forward eagerly to Hawaii!”
Anne, CT

“Best quilting book ever. Quiltfolk is high quality. It’s not a magazine, it’s a coffee-table publication and should be on every quilter’s must-have list. It’s not like other magazines that you stuff in a closet and then throw away when you find it next time you clean it out. Best publication, hands down.”
Pippa, IA

“Absolutely love this! You have hit a home run with this magazine. Worth every penny. Keep up the great work!”
Tammi, AL

“This is an awesome magazine! I’ve learned so much about other quilters in other parts of the US.”
Anne, NY

“Loving my subscription! Such a refreshing change from other quilt magazines!”
Monica, KS

“From the quality choice of paper, to the breathtaking photographs, to the heartfelt writing — Quiltfolk is pure joy on every page! I have always enjoyed feature articles in other magazines about fiber artisans, shop owners, festivals, philanthropic efforts— but these were always far and few between – tucked within pages of endless ads, etc. But Quiltfolk is a feast —  no, a lovely banquet for the eyes. It pulls you in and takes you away.”
Renee, IL

Quiltfolk is the publication I have been dreaming of! My main desire is to see and hear about the quilters, their spaces, their processes, and their stories. You guys have gone above and beyond what I’ve been looking for so long… I bought it and immediately came home to get on your website and subscribe.”
Andrea, KY

“I love Quiltfolk. It is a refreshing publication with beautifully written stories of quilters who are passionate about their craft. Thank you for creating it.”
Marilyn, SD

“It’s the best thing in my mailbox.”
Laraine, TN

“This magazine is the equivalent of Architectural Digest in its purpose – to highlight the best of the photos, the paper, the story lines, the love for quilting, the cloth, the regions of our country which all have their own feel … and most importantly, the women who carry on the tradition and true craft of this joining of heart and fabric.”
Mary, NY

“It’s not just a magazine. It captures the history, heart, and art of quilting and quilters like yourself whose work reflects families and communities, hardship and love, and celebrations. It documents, catalogues, and displays that work for the world to see.”
Cathy, CA



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