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Break the Rules - 2024

A Block of the Month with Quiltfolk

Month 1

Introduction - Month 1

(APRIL 2023)

Interpreting Book Covers:

The Literal Approach

Welcome to a new chapter in your quilt-making journey.  All of the films within Month 1 will help get you off to a flying start.  Take inspiration from Margaret Fleisher’s book-inspired blocks and get to know your hosts, Jenni Smith and Kay Walsh who will be guiding you through many techniques in the months ahead. 

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lessons with margaret

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Making a Start

How can we begin to make quilt blocks by looking at book covers?

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Ways to Approach Text

Margaret guides you through various ways of interpreting the text on book covers.

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Looking at Curves

Different shapes appear on book covers, how can we start to tackle them?

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Step By Step

 A more in-depth look at how Margaret makes the Bibilophile by Jane Mount cover.

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Round Up

Top tips for how to approach this Block of the Month.

Tutorials with jenni & Kay

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Working with Fusible Web

How to use fusible web to apply different shapes to your blocks with Jenni.

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Simple Strip Piecing

Jenni shows you the basics of improv strip piecing.

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Sewing a Gradual Curve

Kay cuts and stitches a free-hand curve – a must watch!


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Gallery 1

Let’s take a look at all of the amazing work you have already been so busy creating!

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Gallery 2

Observing other people’s work can be an amazing source of inspiration, so lets take a look at a gallery of work from last year’s students.

Live session recording

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