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Issue 04: Tennessee

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In the movies, it’s the director’s job is to pull you into the story by way of images, dialogue, and music; to help you relate to the characters in such a way that you feel personally invested in their outcomes; to paint you into a scene so that you might feel as if you are a vital part of it all; and to place you within its geography as if you were walking upon the terrain in person. Sometimes, a movie will depict its locale so beautifully that you feel like you must go visit it yourself. Sometimes you do, and sometimes it disappoints.

But not Tennessee. Tennessee is all those things you see in the movies. It’s fireflies and sweet tea. It’s old Hollywood gone country. It’s driving down the country roads in the bed of a beat-up pickup truck. Tennessee is amber waves of grain, and it is good ol’ southern charm.

Tennessee is everything the movies tell you it’s supposed to be, and it’s everything you want it to be.

Above all, Tennessee is a place worth going and coming back to.

So join us as we explore the quilting community full of places, faces, and quilts that are sure to draw you into this historic state.

180 pages, offset printed and perfect bound, full color on uncoated paper. Printed in the USA.

Merikay Waldvogel

Renowned in the quilt world for her work as a curator, lecturer, and author, Merikay is also a bona fide gumshoe when it comes to quilt history. But in this issue of Quiltfolk, it’s our turn to do the digging and uncover the fascinating facts of Merikay’s journey in quilting.

Tennessee Quilts

In the storytelling capital of the world, Tennessee Quilts owners Brenda Crouch and sister-in-law Linda Crouch-McCreadie share their tale of friendship, family, and fabric. From novice quilters to award-winning shop owners, the two women talk of their shared adventures at the center of the Tennessee quilting community.

Linda Roy

When Linda Roy opened the door to her new neighbor in 1989, she was unknowingly opening the door to her creative future — a future that would reveal untapped talent and profound success in the art of intricate hand-quilting. Nearly thirty years later, Linda opened her door to the Quiltfolk team to share her journey from humble beginnings to master quilter.

Bets Ramsey

Bets Ramsey, quilter and historian, is a pioneer in the world of artisanal handicrafts. But while her practice involved textile art, Bets hadn’t experimented with quilts until a move to Tennessee with her husband in 1967. That’s when a watershed quilt-related event changed everything. In this feature article, 94-years-young Bets shares her story.

Zuri Quilting Guild

Drawn together by a mutual desire to learn the art of quilting, the women of the group Zuri Quilting Guild in Nashville are bound together by the stitches of a common heritage, a passion shared, and a kinship for the history that connects them all.

The Antique Athens Quilt Show

The McMinn County Heritage Museum in Athens, Tennessee, provides an impressive showcase of vintage quilts dating back to the early 1800s. From scrappy and crazy quilts to Lone Star and Double Wedding Ring designs, we’ll give you a look at their astoundingly well-kept collection.

Designer Q&A: Anna Maria Horner

In the span of a decade, Craft South owner Anna Maria Horner has created a clothing line, opened a retail shop, become the spokesperson for Janome, and begun designing her own fabric collections for FreeSpirit Fabrics. In this issue, we’ll explore Anna Maria’s career, her creative process, and her vision for the future,

Knoxville Modern Quilt Guild

In the city of Knoxville, two inventive and crafty women are leading the charge to create a fresh take on an old-school art. Read how guild members Melissa Everett and Emily Doane are taking advantage of new resources and technology to inspire and engage a group of men and women in the world of modern quilting.

Needle & Grain

Husband and wife Bryson and Susan Leach are community-minded business owners who have paired their flair for the fashionable with a deep appreciation of the timeless tools of craftsmen. The result is their business, Needle & Grain. We caught up with this dynamic duo during their expansion from an online-only business to one that includes a brand-new retail location.

Minnie Lee Deakins

Ninety-three-year-old Minne Lee Deakins is busy at work, entering her miniature quilts in local shows and festivals throughout Tennessee. In a personal interview, we caught up with Minnie in the Morrison Public Library to see her collection of patriotic miniature quilts and to see what we could learn from this lifetime quilter.

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