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Issue 06: Arizona

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It took two crews to collect stories from the great state of Arizona – a first for Quiltfolk. After flying into Phoenix, half of our team headed south to Tucson, while the other trekked north toward the Grand Canyon.

The sheer size of Arizona was only part of the challenge. As the largest geographical area we’ve featured thus far and the sixth largest state in the US overall, there was a lot of (literal) ground to cover. But the landscape was met with an equally vast and beautiful quilting community, and all of the Quiltfolk crew left Arizona inspired and refreshed by what we’d found.  

180 pages, offset printed and perfect bound, full color on uncoated paper. Printed in the USA.

Lenna DeMarco

Walking through the doors of quilt historian Lenna DeMarco’s Sun City home, we knew we were in for some serious quilt knowledge. Lenna’s mind is an encyclopedia of quilt-related data, and as we perused the centuries-old quilts in her home, she astounded us with details about each. There was so much to learn about Lenna herself, and by the end of our meeting, one thing was sure: Lenna DeMarco exudes cool.

The Migrant Quilt Project

Quilts have long served as a means to tell a tale, call attention to a cause, or represent certain convictions, and the quilts of the Migrant Quilt Project (MQP) are no different. Since 2007, the volunteers of the MQP have created quilts to honor and remember those who lost their lives in their immigration journeys across the US-Mexico border.

Carolyn O'Bagy Davis

Carolyn O’Bagy Davis, quilter, writer, and anthropologist, is an expert on the quilts of the Hopi Tribe. Over decades of studying this topic and speaking with Hopi women, she discovered that the tradition of quilting runs deep within the tribe. The Hopi tend to be private about their culture, but when it came to quilts, they were happy to speak with Carolyn.

Goldie Tracy Richmond

At 6 foot 4 inches and 350 pounds, Goldie Tracy Richmond was truly larger than life. But one look at the intricate stitching and elaborate appliqué on any of her many quilts, and you’ll see a gentle soul with a keen perspective. Goldie was a true pioneer in more ways than one, and our time studying her story and quilts provided an exciting lesson in history.

Quilts for a Cause

For the volunteers of Quilt for a Cause, the mission is personal. Since 2003, the group has raised nearly a million dollars to support breast- and gynecological-cancer research by selling handmade quilts and patterns. Since the cancer-related passing of their founding member last year, the group perpetuates her legacy.

Quilter's Store Sedona

No one could have predicted the twists and turns that Cyn-d Cunningham’s life would take. But even in her darkest moments, the owner of Quilter’s Store Sedona found strength and solace in her quilt-shop family. Read about the evolution of the shop and how, through the hills and valleys of life, Cyn-d came to understand what really mattered.

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