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23 Jan 2024

Gay Bitter: A Real Jersey Quilt Girl

Noticing her interest in junior high school home economics and sewing classes, Gay Bitter's dad bought her a white Singer Featherweight sewing machine, which she used on and off through...
15 Jan 2024

Pennington Quilt Works

In 1996, when the youngest of her two sons started school full time, Jan Crane contemplated what she wanted to do. Ultimately, she admitted that she wanted to open a...
9 Jan 2024

The Graveyard Quilt

Quilters have their favorite genres and makers. Maybe you’d drive a long way to see an exhibition of Baltimore Album quilts or quilts made by the women of Gee’s Bend....
8 Jan 2024

On a Boat in Amsterdam

The video below shares a glimpse into the preparation for Dutch Discoveries: Quilting A Thousand Flowers, our fifth Adventure Workshop, which premieres January 26 & 27.  Although the video is...
19 Dec 2023

900 Tiny Templates

If 900 tiny acrylic triangles sounds like a lot—that’s because it is! And, to my surprise, each template needed to be carefully punched out of acrylic sheets, separated, have tape removed from...
15 Dec 2023

Issue 28 Release Party

At the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum, members of Quaking Aspen, Fort Collins Modern, Boulder Modern, and Wa Shonaji quilt guilds brushed shoulders. Passing around copies of Quiltfolk, Issue 28: Colorado,...
24 Oct 2023

The Burning Man Quilt

When I first attended Burning Man in 2019, making a quilt about the experience was the last thing on my mind. Neither loud music nor camping are among the things...
16 Oct 2023

Rocky Mountain Wa Shonaji Quilt Guild

Entering the Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont, Colorado, palpable excitement fills the air for the Colorado Quilting Council’s (CQC) 42nd annual Quilt-a-Fair. Fifty-three vendors set up for the weekend...

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