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Quiltfolk Pattern Bundle


Quiltfolk Pattern Bundle

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Quiltfolk Pattern 001

We’ve traveled thousands of miles and worked tirelessly to bring you our first pattern. We found the Source Quilt in New Orleans on location for Quiltfolk Issue 07: Louisiana. This bright, versatile quilt is a fit for any skill level.

Source Quilt – Triangle Tiles, from Quiltfolk Issue 07: Louisiana
Revival Quilt – Warm Heart, Cool Head by Tula Pink

Quiltfolk Pattern 002

Pattern 002 takes us back to Louisiana — the northern half this time — where a beautiful Source Quilt was discovered at a community arts center. The quilt’s pattern has many names, but its story is one of a kind.

Source Quilt – Farm Stripes, from Quiltfolk Issue 07: Louisiana
Revival Quilt – Ojo by Malka Dubrawsky

Quiltfolk Pattern 003

For Pattern 003, we were happy to head back down south. This time, we visited our friends Karen Whitfield and Lucille Brandon who had a Source Quilt like no other: scrappy, electric, one of a kind.

Source Quilt – Fox and Geese Variation, from Quiltfolk Issue 07: Louisiana
Revival Quilt – Louisiana Sunshine, by Amy Struckmeyer

Quiltfolk Pattern 004

If you’re looking for unique quilts and fascinating quilters, Tennessee is the place. For the fourth Quiltfolk Patterns release, our crew hopped on a plane to Nashville to pay a visit to the one and only Bets Ramsey. Quilter, scholar, and loving great-grandmother, Ramsey had a Source Quilt called Rising Sun that we fell in love with.

We figured someone else would fall in love with it too — and we were right. Revival Quilt designer Giuseppe Ribaudo took inspiration from the Ramsey family quilt and created Moon Rising, a marvelous (and a little mysterious) quilt that pays homage to the original but breaks new ground. Come with us to Nashville to meet Bets, Giuseppe, and two quilts that connect the generations.

Source Quilt – Rising Sun, Owner Bets Ramsey. Quilt by Susan Elizabeth Borders Miller.

Revival Quilt – Rising Moon, by Giuseppe Ribaudo

Quiltfolk Pattern 005

If you’re a quilter, you've got ties to New England — no matter where you're from. After all, much of our quiltmaking tradition comes from this scenic, historic region. For our fifth Quiltfolk Patterns release, we traveled to Massachusetts to call on early-American quilt scholar Lynne Bassett, who gave us the story about a special quilt.

Speaking of special: The incomparable Liza Prior Lucy — Kaffe Fassett's go-to designer for almost 40 years — is our featured designer for Pattern 005. We couldn't imagine what Lucy would do with Bassett's family quilt, but we knew it would be amazing. Lucy did not disappoint.

So grab your cup of tea — and your rotary cutter — and come with us to New England.

Source Quilt – Blue Ribbons, Beloved Quilts. Owner Lynne Bassett. Quilt by Laura Allard.

Revival Quilt – Lucy's Star Turn, by Liza Prior Lucy

Quiltfolk Pattern 006

Quiltfolk Pattern 007

So many of our quilts start with family — and in Tennessee, if you’re a quilter, you are family. You’ll see this firsthand when you dive into the seventh Quiltfolk Pattern, where Minnie Lee Deakins (who just celebrated her 75th wedding anniversary) meets and talks quilts with superstar designer (and mother of seven) Anna Maria Horner.

A quilt made by Deakins decades ago provided the inspiration for Horner’s vibrant Oh My Stars quilt. When Horner was about to do her show and tell, she was nervous her new friend wouldn’t like it. She needn’t have worried: Deakins loved it, and we think you will, too.

We’re proud to bring you the latest installment of Quiltfolk Patterns. When you’re with Quiltfolk, you’re family, too.

Source QuiltMinnie Stars, by Minnie Lee Deakins

Revival Quilt – Oh My Stars, by Anna Maria Horner

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