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Ruth | Foundry Quilt 018

Ruth | Foundry Quilt 018


  • Started ca. 1890-1910 | Finished 2023
  • Custom label and Quiltfolk Foundry tag
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  • Featured in Quiltfolk’s Finishing School 101 workshop
  • Note: Flat photos of front and back coming soon!

Quilts are like people: Some are content to blend in with the crowd, and others choose to go their own way, to stand apart and do their own thing. If Ruth were a person, we think she’d be that second kind. 

Ruth began as a whole top, unfinished but in almost-perfect condition. Mary Fons, co-host of Quiltfolk’s Finishing School workshop, fell for it immediately. “I am crazy about any quilt that contains a lot of shirting fabrics,” Mary said, adding, “The piecer’s placement of the burgundy and pink—a color scheme I love—is wild! It creates an optical illusion. I love it.” Mary chose to feature Ruth on the program to demonstrate the big-stitch quilting she used to finish it.


Dimensions: 60 x 60 in.
Top source: J.A. Antiques & Vintage of Littleton, Mass.
Started: ca. 1890-1910.
Finished: 2023.
Description: Unique patchwork design in pink, burgundy, and white shirting fabrics. Narrow binding brought up from back. Big-stitch quilting.
Backing: Yarn-dyed woven in dark gray.
Finisher: Mary Fons of Chicago, Illinois.
Condition: Very good.
Imperfections: Every Quiltfolk Foundry quilt in our shop began its life as an unfinished vintage top or collection of loose blocks. We seek out lost tops and blocks that are in good condition, but due to the source material’s age and care history, some imperfections in the finished quilts may be present. We hope you’ll see them as we do, just another part of the story.


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