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Tropical II Hawaiian Pattern


Tropical II Hawaiian Pattern


Our friend and owner of Pacific Rim Quilt Company, Connie Saylor has worked with us on several projects over the years including Issue 03: Hawaii as well as our new Spirit of Hawaii thread pack. We're excited to offer this pattern that contains six beautiful traditional Hawaiian appliqué blocks.


The style of Hawaiian Quilt which is made up of a collection of smaller blocks is called "poho poho" (meaning: patched). Here is our Tropical II collection of block patterns. These are very versatile and can be used individually in pillows, placemats, tote bags, or wall hangings; or collectively in a poho poho quilt, or Baltimore album-style quilt.

All six blocks can be made into a 62" x 41" quilt.

Tropical II includes: Angel's Trumpet, Breadfruit, Plumeria, Monstera, Torch Ginger and Orchid


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