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Use & Ornament


Use & Ornament

An Exploration of the Improv Quilt


By Nicholas Ball
  • Hardcover
  • 176 pages
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Use & Ornament: An Exploration of the Improv Quilt is the author's love letter to improv quilting. Part history book, part technique book, Use & Ornament explores improv quilting through historical and contemporary examples, showcasing that they have long been more than objects of utility. The patchwork quilt can give voice to political protest, memorialize a loved one, be a cathartic outlet, and still hold its own against works realized in more recognized fine art media.

Throw away your patterns, and let your imagination soar as you explore Nicholas' techniques to add to the rich story of improv quilting. The featured quilts offer inspiration and a liberated approach to sewing, opening up a world of creative possibilities as you experiment with textures, shapes, and colors.

Use & Ornament is a great resource that takes the reader through the story of improvisation and offers sparks of inspiration, using the perfect balance of guided instruction and creative freedom.

About the Author

Nicholas Ball is an improvisational quilter from Cardiff, South Wales. His style of quilting comes from a love of the spontaneous and a joy of sewing in an organic and liberated way. He has taught improv quilting both nationally and internationally, contributed projects and articles to the UK's leading publications, and was co-presenter of the QNNTV show Quilt Monkey, alongside fellow British quilter Katy Jones. His debut book, Inspiring Improv, was published by Lucky Spool in April 2019. Nicholas was also a guest on our debut Adventure Workshop, The Magic of Wales.

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