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The Magic of Wales

A Virtual Workshop With Jenni Smith & Kay Walsh

Now Available On Demand!

Enjoy the first destination in our Adventure Workshop series (originally aired live in September 2022). By purchasing the workshop on demand, you will receive lifetime access to the over six hours of recorded material. 

Immerse yourself in the magic of Wales and its extraordinary quilts. With hidden histories that are still coming to light, these extraordinary objects cast a spell on all who encounter them—from royalty and collectors to artists and the modern sewist!

The idyllic Welsh countryside provides the perfect backdrop for our first-ever Adventure Workshop.

Purchase a single-workshop pass for The Magic of Wales. Upon registration, you will be able to access all event details and resources on our exclusive Attendee Hub. 

Born from necessity, Welsh quilts were pieced with local materials, including soft lamb’s wool and the now-iconic local flannel. Their reach however extended far beyond the UK to the United States, where strong evidence suggests they may have even inspired early Amish patchwork.


The Magic of Wales Highlights

Our virtual workshop highlights the fun and quirky personality of Welsh quilts as we teach you how to replicate the creative flair and stitches in your own keepsake quilt. Together, we will sew and learn through engaging snapshots of a country’s heritage and traditions, which without doubt, should be celebrated by quilters worldwide.

  • Getting up close and personal with patchworks made in Wales from 1800 onwards that are on show in The Magical Quilts of Wales exhibition.
  • Making yourself at home with Jen Jones, owner of the largest collection of historic Welsh quilts.
  • Looking inside the studio of the author and fine artist Valériane Leblond, whose lyrical compositions draw inspiration from real-life Welsh quilts.
  • Going behind the scenes at the National Wool Museum and flannel manufacturer Melin Teifi to learn the secrets of this traditional cloth stitched into many historic quilts.
  • Savoring the taste of famous Welsh cakes and Bara brith (recipes included!).
  • Stitching a uniquely designed Welsh-inspired frame quilt, while learning the stories behind each of the chosen elements.
  • Embracing the Welsh spirit of improvisation with modern quilter Nicholas Ball.

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