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Meet the team

Michael McCormick

Editor in Chief
Mary Fons

Creative Director
Janelle Frazier

Brand Director
Riane Menardi Morrison

Breanna Farner

Copy Editor
Mary Kate Karr-Petras

Azuree Wiitala
Melanie Zacek




A letter from editor in chief, Mary Fons

Ten years ago, I decided to make a quilt. The moment I did, I found myself thrust into the commercial quilt industry.

Many quilters remember my early days on my mother’s PBS show. I asked a lot of rookie questions, I made mistakes. But over the years, viewers saw me become a “real” quilter before their very eyes. I’m living proof that with practice and curiosity, anyone can make quilts they love.

Over the years, something else happened to me, something far more powerful than simply improving my technique. If you watched closely, you saw a girl falling hopelessly in love with the American quilt.

Every quilt I make and every quilt history book I read deepens my understanding that quilts are more than (gorgeous) objects made of fabric and thread. Beyond the joy we get when we make quilts, beyond their functional use, quilts are records of our history. Quilts are family stories sewn into cloth, feats of graphic design, and true art objects. Quilters put our lives into our quilts, so quilts are life itself.

At some point in my ongoing, passionate love affair with quilting, I realized something: No one was taking pictures or telling stories about the passion part. Wonderful teachers shared their expertise in person, on TV, and online; plenty of patterns were available; and there were friends with whom I could talk about my big love. But I wanted to see it. I wanted to read about it.

Then came Quiltfolk.

In late 2016, Quiltfolk published its first issue, and everything changed. Here was a magazine without ads, on gorgeous paper, with the most beautiful photographs I had ever seen of quilters and quilts — and it seemed to care as deeply about stories and people and quilt history as I did. Who were these Quiltfolk people? Where did they work? When could I join the team?

In 10 years in the industry, I’ve worked on fabulous projects with amazing people, but I’ve never been more excited, more passionate, and more sure about my role in our community than when I became editorial director for this amazing publication. Quiltfolk is home. Finally, here’s a place for our shared history, a place where we can investigate quilt culture in America and contribute to it with every story we find and share with you.

If you haven’t seen Quiltfolk yet, I’m jealous. Because you can look forward to that moment — the moment when you pick up a copy and understand what the buzz is about. You’ll recognize yourself and your fellow quilters as you turn the pages, and I promise to do my best as part of the Quiltfolk team to make sure you fall even further in love with the American quilt. Just like me.  


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