Michael McCormick, Editor in Chief

Quiltfolk is a community-supported, print-only quarterly magazine that celebrates the people and the stories behind the stitches.

Quiltfolk is 100% advertisement-free.

When we started Quiltfolk, our original vision was to create a completely different sort of quilting magazine: one that told the stories of people and showed as many faces as it did quilt tops. We wanted a publication rooted in a kind of reverence for the rich tradition behind quilting, while speaking to the incredible future the craft is busy building—in homes, quilt shops, and guild meetings across the country. We wanted to tell the stories behind the stitches and celebrate the stunning visual nature of quilting itself. We wanted to create a keepsake quarterly, one that you could sit with, laugh with, be inspired by, and ultimately tuck away for reading on a rainy day.

To do this right, we committed to keeping Quiltfolk 100% advertisement-free. That means that in each issue, you’ll find more than 150 pages of beautiful, uninterrupted quilting content, four times a year. The truth is, we love the companies that make the products that make this industry tick—in fact, I personally own such a company—but we wanted Quiltfolk to be a place where readers could find a reprieve from clutter and distraction, and could focus not on buying, but on sharing instead. We wanted it to be a magazine that served the interests of only one group of people: the Quiltfolk community.

You may be familiar with novelist James Joyce’s assertion: “In the particular is contained the universal.” Echoing his sentiment, while there are quilters around the world, in every town, in every state, and in many countries, all with unique stories and differences worth celebrating, there remains a common thread that binds quilters, regardless of age, style or geography.

In every issue of Quiltfolk, our team will travel to a new location, where we will meet new people, and examine the communities and cultures that help shape their work. We hope that this will help reveal those universal truths that unite us all by way of passion and pastime.

Michael McCormick, Editor In Chief
Mary Fons, Editorial Director
Shalena Cardinaux, Senior Editor
Janelle Frazier, Creative Director