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Postcards From Provence

A Virtual Workshop with Jenni Smith & Kay Walsh

The Spirit of Hawaii

A Virtual Workshop on June 9 & 10

Explore the quilts of Hawaii–all from the comfort of home!

Premieres on June 9 & 10

We are taking attendees on a virtual visit to the tropical shores of Hawaii!

Our trip will include a look at the incredible tradition of appliqué in Hawaii, colorful fabrics, botanical inspiration, and the art of making kapa cloth. 

Enjoy six-hours of inspiring content in Quiltfolk’s upcoming workshop, The Spirit of Hawaii, filmed on location by our Adventure Team. Visit the royal palace, marvel at stunning quilts, and sew two uniquely designed projects as you soak up the history and textile traditions of these beautiful islands.

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About the Project

The heart of the Shining Light quilt will teach you how to create your very own French Boutis—a heritage tradition of “stuffed quilting” that they are incredibly excited to share in amazing detail for the first time ever in an online workshop of this kind. Think of it as similar to Trapunto but totally reversible: an extremely clever and sophisticated technique with the ability to add playful depths of light and shadow and fine detail into a quilt top, the likes of which you won’t have imagined before.

The finished small quilt will be perfect to decorate a wall, and the colour palette will no doubt be inspired by the numerous great artists who have painted this stunning landscape including Cezanne, Matisse and Van Gogh! Your mini masterpiece will be full of charm and the workshop will encourage you to add your own je ne sais quoi and make it a truly special keepsake.


Hawaii Highlights


  • A private tour of the Iolani Palace and its incredible quilts with docent Zita Cup Choy, including a historic Flag Quilt from the archive, the King’s birthday quilt, and the beloved quilt stitched by Queen Liliuokalani whilst imprisoned in the Palace for 8 months back  in 1895. 
  • Learn the ancient art of kapa making, the traditional bark cloth of the islands, with master technician Dalani Tanahy and see an example of a kapa moa or quilt which people slept beneath pre-contact in the Honolulu Museum of Art.
  • Enjoy a quilt-filled tour bursting with colour at the Honolulu Festival and meet Cissy Serrao of the Poakalani group who are integral in the preservation of Hawaiian quilting. Also meet members of the Hawaii Quilt Guild as they showcase their recent makes in the beautiful backdrop of Ala Moana Park.

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