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Gabby Quilts Three-Book Bundle


Gabby Quilts Three-Book Bundle

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By Michael McCormick

Meet Gabby, Bear, Goose, and Sheep in a three-book bundle from Quiltfolk founder Michael McCormick. This collection of children's books makes a perfect gift for kids this holiday season. Share your passion for quilting with the little ones you love.

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Gabby Quilts for Friends
One chilly morning, Gabby realizes that she needs something warm for the winter ahead. A quilt is just the answer! But when Bear, Goose, and Sheep all have different ideas for the quilt, things get complicated. With love and imagination, Gabby stitches and sews for weeks. Can she make a quilt that will please all of her friends?

Gabby’s Winter Jammies
When the first snow falls, Gabby and Bear rush to the dresser to pull out their favorite matching jammies. But Gabby’s are too small! Bear is sad. Winter just won’t be the same without matching jammies. Will Gabby find a way — with a needle and thread — to solve the pajama problem and make her friend Bear happy?

Gabby Quilts for Baby Brother
Gabby’s family is growing! She has spent weeks sewing a quilt for her new baby brother, who is coming home today. But at the last minute, Gabby learns that Bear, Goose, and Sheep feel left out. Will Gabby find a solution and finish the quilt in time?

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