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Hepworth Apron by Jenni Smith (Pattern Only)



Hepworth Apron by Jenni Smith (Pattern Only)

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  • The printed pattern includes:
    • an instruction booklet,
    • free access to a full video tutorial of every process you need to complete the project, and
    • a Jenni Smith woven label!
  • Skill level: Beginner 
  • Size: US 4-14
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  • Free instructional videos HERE


Does the name Jenni Smith sound familiar? It should! 

The author of Quilting with Liberty Fabrics: 15 Quilts Celebrating 145 Years in Fabric and host of our new Virtual Show-and-Tell series has been very active in the Quiltfolk community. 

What you may not know about Jenni, however, is that she is also a pattern designer — running her own studio and business in the UK! Jenni’s online video tutorials are loved by makers worldwide. She is very passionate about getting people started on their dressmaking and quilting journeys with her fun, energetic, and down-to-earth approach to teaching.

Jenni’s most popular pattern over the years has been her beautiful Hepworth Apron. You don’t have to be experienced in making garments to enjoy sewing this multi-use apron. The Hepworth Apron is perfect for all creative endeavors — in the studio, garden, and/or kitchen. Its design is functional and flattering, with the option to add your own personal twist to the pockets or front band with a contrast fabric or embroidery.

The Hepworth Apron is a fun, artistic project that will add a boost of fashion and comfort when you are ready to step into your creative space. These aprons also make wonderful gifts for family and friends — for years to come!

Instructional Videos
Free access to a full video tutorial of every process you need to complete the project can be found on Jenni’s site. Click HERE to access now. 


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