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Quiltfolk Heart Custom Gift Wrap



Quiltfolk Heart Custom Gift Wrap


  • Printed in the USA.
  • Four red sheets (18” x 24”).
  • Four white sheets (18” x 24”).
  • High-quality paper that is less likely to rip, tear, or crease.
  • Purchase the gift wrap on its own, or pair it with stationery for extra savings! Check out our Write & Wrap Bundle.

Wrap from the heart this season with Quiltfolk’s custom holiday gift wrap!
 We have wanted to offer custom gift wrap for years, and, now, it is finally here! The chic wrapping paper pictured here features our updated Patchwork Heart design (a favorite motif that continues to evolve and appear on the things we make, time and time again). So much of what we do as quilters comes from the heart: the love we pour into the things we make (and the people for whom we make them), the deep appreciation we hold for quilters of generations past (and the heirlooms they left behind). Even the materials themselves bring us warmth in all of life’s seasons. Quilting is an act of love, after all! And the Patchwork Heart is a visual translation of this sincere sentiment.

Simplify and beautify your holiday wrapping with Quiltfolk!

Note: This introductory sale price ends at midnight on Monday, November 13.

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