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Quiltfolk Issue 22: Texas Hill Country

Quiltfolk Issue 22: Texas Hill Country


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Pioneers in Texas Hill Country could look north, south, east, and west and see for miles. The sky was an endless blue, and the open range held limitless possibilities. For these folks, quilts were literally a means of survival. They kept their children warm on cold nights and were used in place of doors for families who lived in dugouts.

But the most powerful quality quilts possessed was the opportunity to form relationships. Visiting a neighbor meant at least a day of travel, so it was a special occasion whenever families could come together. That longing for connection forged a commitment to community among Texas quilters that endures today.

You’ll see it at Las Colchas, an inspirational quilt shop that feels like home the moment you step inside. Or with the African American Quilt Circle of San Antonio, whose members nurture an environment of sisterhood and work to preserve history. And you’ll find it among the members of the Greater San Antonio Quilt Guild’s “Storybooks and Quilts to Go” program, who use their skills in innovative ways to educate the next generation.

You’ll read about the “First Lady of Texas” Ima Hogg, a 20th century native Texan who collected quilts and American decorative arts. While Ima played a critical role in the past, makers like Maura Ambrose, who sources from Texas’ dazzling variety of plant life for dye-making, are still using familiar themes that transcend to quilters today.

So like the pioneers of old, join us as we explore the people, places, and stories nestled against the beautiful landscape of Hill Country.

180 pages (16 extra pages!), offset printed and perfect bound, full color on uncoated paper. Printed in the USA.


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