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Savor Each Stitch


Savor Each Stitch

Studio Quilting with Mindful Design


By Carolyn Friedlander


Savor Each Stitch: Studio Quilting with Mindful Design


Carolyn Friedlander, featured in Issue 19: Northern Florida, is an established pattern and fabric designer and award-winning quilter, specializing in modern fabric designs and quiltmaking with intention. Carolyn has a loyal following, and many readers shared their excitement about her article in our latest issue. But the excitement doesn’t have to end there … 

About Savor Each Stitch: Studio Quilting with Mindful Design
An exploration of how selecting different materials, textures, and substrates combined with playing with the design concepts of line, contrast, scale, emphasis, color, volume, and texture can impact the end result of the design. Eight quilts, each with a multitude of color way options, illustrate how each design decision can impact the direction of a quilt. Projects range from table runners to full-sized quilts, each encouraging readers to play with design possibilities to create unique quilts of their own. Hand quilting, needle-turn appliqué, thoughtful design choices, and experimentation replace the fast and easy counterparts found in many pattern books. Carolyn takes readers from sketch, to experimentation, to final result, all shot on location in and around her inspirational Florida studio.

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