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The Art of Make-Do Quilting


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The Art of Make-Do Quilting


By Mary W. Kerr
  • Hardcover
  • 192 pages
  • 8.5 x 11 inches

Vintage is gold to contemporary quilters, and for good reason. This guide from the quilt world's expert in vintage shares the how-tos, inspirations, and ideas to make your project work!

The "make-do" trend means incorporating vintage items—cute 1950s handkerchiefs, 1890s tattered quilt pieces found at a yard sale, a relative's 1970s gown—into contemporary quilt designs. The task can seem overwhelming since many times a lovely old item doesn't translate easily to a new quilt. Here's the info that quilters of any level need to escape the common fear of "But you can't do that to a vintage textile!"

These tips and techniques, together with hundreds of photos of examples, allow you to beautifully include vintage pieces like feed sacks, old quilt fragments, calendars, linens, vintage ephemera, old clothing, jewelry, and more. Be inspired to think outside the box and create amazing quilts with generations of meaning.

The Art of Make-Do Quilting is available now, at a special price just for Quiltfolk readers. Order your copy today!


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