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Valerie | Foundry Quilt 015

Valerie | Foundry Quilt 015


  • Started ca. 1950-60 | Finished 2022
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Of all the Foundry quilts made so far, the award for “most rehabilitated” may go to Valerie. An online listing stated that what was for sale was a mid-century quilt top, but when the “top” arrived, it was so torn and tattered, it would’ve been more accurate to describe the patchwork as “scraps.” Still, there was something about that mid-century fabric with the white hearts that cried out for a second chance. We had to try and do something with that mess of torn and poorly sewn patchwork, so we did. 

The designers who worked on this quilt determined that by separating the top’s half-square triangles (HSTs) and trimming them down to a uniform size, Valerie might survive and finally become a real-life quilt. The HSTs slid into a Flying Geese arrangement, separated by the addition of solid black bars, creating a bold and updated look. The leftover HSTs were added to the back. With that, Valerie was complete and ready for the next chapter in her story.


Dimensions: 58 x 78 in.
Top source: Online auction. Original maker unidentified.
Started: ca. 1950-60.
Finished: 2022.
Description: Scrappy, mid-century fabrics in red, blue, and yellow print with additional scraps in paisley and various florals. Flying Geese patchwork with black bars/sashing; solid black border. Cotton batting. Baptist Fan quilting.
Backing: Solid black and printed fabrics with original patchwork detail.
Finishers: Design work and piecing by members of the Quiltfolk Foundry. Quilted by LuAnn Downs of Iowa.
Condition: Excellent.
Imperfections: Every Quiltfolk Foundry quilt in our shop began its life as an unfinished vintage top or collection of loose blocks. We seek out lost tops and blocks that are in good condition, but due to the source material’s age and care history, some imperfections in the finished quilts may be present. We hope you’ll see them as we do, just another part of the story.


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