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Watercolor Barn Quilt Print – Summer



Watercolor Barn Quilt Print – Summer


By Emily Pillard
  • Limited to 200 prints per design
  • Hand-signed by the artist
  • Printed on archival watercolor paper
  • 8 x 8 watercolor print
  • Printed in Oregon
  • Choose to include our reclaimed barnwood frames (made in the USA)
  • This print is part of a three-piece set. See all prints here.


When Emily Pillard joined the Quiltfolk team as our new customer service manager this past March, we knew she was an Art History Major. What we didn’t know at the time was that Emily is also an extraordinary artist herself and that her passion for the creative process would help her forge an especially strong bond with our quilting community. 

Over the course of the summer, Emily felt inspired to use her talent with watercolors to create three original, seasonal paintings of barn quilts exclusively for Quiltfolk readers. While barn quilts are a treat all year round, locating a trail may not always be easy (or convenient). At Quiltfolk, we make a point to highlight various barn quilt trails when we travel for our magazine, but this week, we are taking it one step further! Summer, fall, winter — now you can admire beautiful, one-of-a-kind prints of barn quilts from the comfort of your own home (or studio)! 

Each 8x8” limited-edition print is signed by Emily herself. What’s more, you can order them with one of our reclaimed barnwood frames, which are also made in the USA.

Emily’s unframed barn quilt prints are $18.00 apiece, or they can be purchased with a reclaimed barnwood frame for just $36.00 apiece. There is an extra special price when you purchase the complete three-piece set

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