My daughter Hanna and I love the Bill Bryson books. They make us laugh out loud, literally! We have just finished A Walk in the Woods. This story is about the US forestry service, the Appalachian Trail and two seemingly quite different guys just getting along with each other, despite the difficulties of a very arduous hike. The curve of the ball caps was a bit flatter than I had hoped for, but still does the job. I would probably use proper templates for the curves next time and have since bought the PapperSaxTen set. The first literal block, The Wall, is from my English book club (we are in Bavaria in Germany). We have discussed three John Lanchester books over the last few years, but this one stuck in my mind. I cut the last, top curve of the sea with the two fabrics face to face instead of face to back and had to change my design a bit to allow for that. Might make it again using frilly selvedges for the sea foam against the wall. Love the BOM. It’s a great opportunity to focus on interpretive work and be inspired on so many levels.


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