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Journal: Events

15 Apr 2024

Could Sunbonnet Sue Help to Unlock the Real You?

To our surprise, some kind of “Sunbonnet Spell” cast over our studio as we started scouring for fabrics that could tell our story with a child-like wonder. We laughed at...
15 Apr 2024

A Harriet Powers Quilt Made in China? Not so Fast, Say the Quilters

Harriet Powers is one of America’s most famous quilters. Her two surviving quilts from the late 1800s are considered priceless treasures of American art. But there was a time—in the...
2 Apr 2024

Cool People Quilt

Michelle Collins wants you to know that you can definitely quilt. In fact, she thinks it’d be pretty cool if you did. The avid quilter and mom of three originally started...
2 Apr 2024

The East Cobb Quilters’ Guild

The members of the East Cobb Quilters’ Guild (ECQG) are determined to offer something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a brand-new quilter or an award-winning maker,  whether you...
26 Mar 2024

Quilter Tattoos: Just Another Needle Art

Quilters have their favorite genres and makers. Maybe you’d drive a long way to see an exhibition of Baltimore Album quilts or quilts made by the women of Gee’s Bend....
26 Mar 2024

Perfume & Coffee Beans: A Refreshing View on Everyday Quilt Stories

Ah, stories. We crave them as children. We relish them as adults, as evidenced by bookstores and movie theaters—both of which exist for the sole purpose of telling stories. Technically...
25 Mar 2024

Cinematography at Quiltfolk

For me, as I was growing up, cinematography was all about drama, explosions, and action— throw in the occasional romance and you have the perfect James Bond movie. But my...
25 Mar 2024

Issue 29 Release Party: New Jersey

The guests at the release party for Quiltfolk, Issue 29: New Jersey were buzzing. Those featured in the issue were wearing blue-bordered name tags so that they could identify one...

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