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Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show 2023

This past Saturday, July 8, 2023, the 48th Annual Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show unfolded, lining the streets in the picturesque town of Sisters, Oregon, with stunning and inspiring quilts. The show first began back in 1975, when Founder Jean Wells Keenan displayed her own quilts, along with those made by friends and family, outside her quilt shop on a sunny July afternoon. Little did she know that this would spark a tradition that would endure for decades. 

Each year, the show grows, attracting an ever-expanding group of talented individuals who submit their fabric masterpieces for display. Today, the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show has blossomed into a beloved annual event, cherished by locals and renowned worldwide. In fact, it is internationally recognized as the world’s largest outdoor quilt show! 

To truly grasp the magnitude of this event, one need only imagine strolling among the 1,300 mesmerizing quilts on display, which is easily an all-day endeavor. (Pro tip: Be sure to drink plenty of water, and apply a generous amount of sunscreen!)

The show also aspires to educate the public about the rich history, intricate skills, and captivating artistry of both traditional and contemporary quilts. By doing so, it not only celebrates the heritage of this timeless craft but also adds a vibrant touch to the cultural tapestry of Sisters and Central Oregon. These awe-inspiring works represent the passion and dedication of fiber artists hailing from every corner of the globe. With every stitch and carefully chosen fabric, these quilts tell stories. They speak of traditions passed down through generations, of dreams woven into reality, and of the boundless creativity that springs forth from the human spirit. Like every year, this year’s Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show was a wondrous celebration of the timeless beauty of quilts and the vibrant culture they embody.

We can’t wait for next year!

Click here to view our video of this weekend's show!

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Breanna Briggs joined the Quiltfolk team in 2016 and has worn many hats over the years. She is now the Editor in Chief of Quiltfolk magazine.

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