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Journal: Quilters

22 May 2023

Issue 25 Reveal Party

Issue 25: Rhode Island was released to the public on January 1st, 2023, and for the first time in Quiltfolk history, a freshly printed issue was celebrated with a gathering...
22 May 2023

A Return to Winterset: Quiltfolk Goes Brick and Mortar

“It was cold … brutally cold.” I borrowed that line from Undaunted Courage, a book I read as a kid about Lewis and Clark traversing North America. Because that's exactly...
24 Apr 2023

Quilts to Cloths: How an Antique Appliqué Pattern Inspired Our Latest Swedish Dishcloth Design

It started innocently enough when I was buying abandoned quilt tops and blocks for the Quiltfolk Foundry...
21 Apr 2023

Stories Unfolded: 40 Mississippi Quilts

“The stories connected with Mississippi quilters, and their quilts tell of joy, tragedy, resilience, and hope, and they give us insight into our state’s history, culture, and people.” - Mary Lohrenz,...
7 Apr 2023

Hawaiian Quilt Wisdom Everyone Can Adopt

After spending days studying incredible quilts, learning traditional techniques from masters, and pondering what exactly the "spirit of Hawaii" was, it suddenly became clear. Surprisingly, it was the surfers rather...
7 Apr 2023

Do You Swirl? A Clever Hack for Photographing Quilts

People who have never tried to photograph a quilt probably think it’s easy. Unlike toddlers and pets, quilts don’t move when you’re trying to take a picture. But they are...
22 Mar 2023

The Quiltfolk Foundry: Finding Homes For Lost Tops & Blocks

Lily was started ca. 1930-40, and finally finished by the Quiltfolk Foundry late in 2022. “Tell the stories behind the stitches.” This simple goal is the heartbeat of Quiltfolk, the foundation...
20 Mar 2023

The Story of Fern: The Foundry Quilt That Changed Everything

The Quiltfolk Foundry quilt Fern was created from one of the first-ever tops I purchased for the project. While that reason alone adds to its significance, there is more: The...

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