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Minimum System Requirements:

  • BlockBase+ will not run on Chromebooks or any devices running Android or iOS. The software requires Windows or Mac operating systems, as listed below:
    • Windows 10
    • macOS Big Sur (11), Catalina (10.15), Mojave (10.14); Intel or M1 chip processors
  • Internet Access Required
    Internet access required for downloading, activating, periodic validation and accessing the support materials. You can be disconnected from the internet for general use of the software.
  • License
    This product is a single-user license and includes 2 activations per license. Once the software is purchased, the license is non-transferable.
  • Activation
    Unlimited installations. Two (2) computers may be simultaneously active. Activations can be easily transferred between computers. Read more about activations on our Support Site.
  • Space Requirements
    250 MB of available hard-disk space for installation. Additional free space required during installation.
  • Recommended
    Minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 720, or greater.

BlockBase+ Software

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  • View blocks in color, grayscale, and as line drawings
  • Perform advanced searches to find the perfect block
  • Export blocks as JPG, PNG, and SVG files
  • Print blocks as templates, foundation patterns, or rotary-cutting charts at any size, with or without seam allowance
  • Learn the published names and original sources of each block
  • Preview blocks in pre-determined quilt layouts
  • Link blocks to EQ8 design software (While blocks can be linked to EQ8, it is not required to use BlockBase+, as it is a stand-alone program.)
  • Free US Shipping (You will be shipped a physical BlockBase+ box with an activation code, detailed instructions, and a Quick Start Guide that will be helpful as you begin using this brilliant printing software.)

If you own the Third Edition of Barbara Brackman’s popular Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns, the re-release of the top-selling BlockBase+ printing software is an essential addition to your quilting toolkit.

The Perfect Pair
With this stand-alone program from The Electric Quilt Company (the makers of the EQ design software), you can pull from ANY of the Encyclopedia’s 4,000+ blocks — shown in gorgeous colorings, grayscale values, or as line drawings — to print rotary-cutting charts, templates, or foundation patterns for your next quilt(s)!

Beloved by quiltmakers and quilt historians, BlockBase+ makes it easy to find a block that inspires you so that you can quickly get to cutting and sewing! 

“Every quilter should have a great tool to help them learn and design … This software is super easy to use,” says Pat Sloan, author, designer, and podcast host. “BlockBase+ software is the perfect companion to the Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns book. Find a block you love, then use BlockBase+ and EQ8 to design a quilt with it.”

(If you still need a copy of Brackman’s latest Encyclopedia, you can order it at a reduced price HERE.)

About BlockBase+
The Electric Quilt Company’s original BlockBase software was created back in 1996. And with the release of Brackman’s latest Encyclopedia, it was time for an update! The 2021 version is in a completely new format with improved features; decades of Brackman’s research is now available to you in the organized and user-friendly BlockBase+ software for Windows and Mac. What’s more, this is a stand-alone program, meaning you do not need the EQ8 software to use and enjoy all that BlockBase+ has to offer. (If you do have EQ8, you can link both programs to recolor and design with any of the 4,000+ blocks.)

Packed with complete publication information for each block, robust search features, exporting and printing capabilities — it’s the perfect quilting tool for all skill levels! 

New and Improved Features

  • View - Take a “scroll” through 4,264 blocks organized in categories of One Patch, Non-Square, Fans, Wheels, Stars, and many more! Zoom in on a block to see it in full detail. Learn the original published names for each block and from what source each was first published. 
  • Find - Use the search feature to find a block based on the Brackman ID listed in the Encyclopedia, or search by keyword, source, or category (skill level, piecing style, etc.) to scour the database for blocks based on specific criteria.
  • Print - Choose to print a picture of the block, templates, rotary-cutting chart, or foundation pattern — in any size! Each printing style comes with customizable settings so your printout fits your needs. Not ready to print and sew? Save your customized preview as a PDF file to come back to later.
  • Export - Every block can be exported as a low- or high-resolution PNG or JPG file to use in documents, on the web, or just to show your friends the next block you plan to sew. If you have a fabric cutter, BlockBase+ can export SVG files for use in fabric-cutting machines. 
  • Preview - Choose a block to view in seven pre-designed quilt layouts. The selected block will display in a simple click-through dialog so you can preview that block in different settings. You’ll be amazed by the secondary designs created when some of these blocks are repeated in a layout!

The License Card option is a physical box that will be shipped to you. There is NO media device (CD, DVD, USB) included. The License Card box includes a license and instructions for claiming and downloading the software for both Windows and macOS. 


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