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Custom-Designed, Fully Finished Barn Quilt


Custom-Designed, Fully Finished Barn Quilt

Original price was: $199.00.Current price is: $179.00.

UV printed Barn Quilts are produced in batches. Orders placed by June 15 will be shipped in late June. 

  • Create your own custom design using EQ8 software  (see upload instructions below)
  • 24” x 24” fully finished Barn Quilt
  • Printed with UV-cured ink and sealed with a high-quality, long-lasting varnish to promote longevity for either exterior or interior use
  • Printed on a pre-primed, marine-grade plywood base
  • No painting required—just design it, order it, mount it, and enjoy it!
  • Qualifies for free shipping!
  • Looking for a pre-designed barn block? Click here.

Owning a beautiful Barn Quilt is (finally) less time-consuming, less messy, and, hopefully, more accessible to all:
For the first time ever, Quiltfolk is printing custom-designed, fully finished Barn Quilts in a proprietary way—no painting required, with infinite colors and designs available!

Use EQ8 (the world’s leading quilt-design software) to create your very own Barn Quilt. Simply design your block in the program, export the file per our simple instructions below, and upload it to our website. Just like that, you will have your very own barn quilt! This is a straightforward, creative process that you will really enjoy. Just read the instructions, and you’ll be on your way to a one-of-a-kind, quilty art piece that is made to last. 

Note: If you do not already own EQ8—but you would like to design your own Barn Quilt—you can purchase the software here at our special price, plus you will receive a coupon to use toward your Barn Quilt. And the great thing about EQ8 is that it is an invaluable investment and tool for designing future quilts too. 

Barn Quilts will be printed in limited-production batches. Be sure to upload your custom design file and place your order by June 15 to receive your Barn Quilt at the end of June.

Exporting an Image From EQ8
Block Worktable (Recommended)

Barn quilts must be square, so make sure your design is square on the worktable. 

  1. Edit a block from the EQ Block Library or draw your own on the Block Worktable. 
    1. Note: In the initial 30 blocks, there are three that you may want to rotate (New York Starburst, Tulip Basket, and maybe Cornucopia) and two to flip (the Cardinal or Little Red Schoolhouse).
  2. Color the block with any solid colors that you wish to use on the Color tab of the Block Worktable. 
    1. Note: Only solid colors will be accepted, no patterns. 
  3. Click the Print & Export tab.
  4. Click Export in the Ribbon.
  5. Click Image in the Export options. In the dialog window that appears, 
    1. Name your file. 
    2. Choose a location to save your file.
    3. In the Save as Type selector, choose TIFF Files (*.TIF; *TIFF).
    4. Click Save.
  6. In the Export Image File of Block dialog window that appears, change the following settings: 
    1. Width and Height: 24.000 inches (Keep aspect ratio should be selected as barn quilts must be square.)
    2. Resolution: 300 dots per inch
    3. Outline patches and Outline blocks are optional but turning them off is recommended.
    4. Compression: LZW
    5. Depth: 24 Bit
  7. Click OK. Your quilt design is now saved as a .TIF file in the location you chose.
  8. Upload your .TIF (or .TIFF) file and complete the checkout process. Our team will review each design file and contact you if there are any questions.
Quilt Worktable (Alternative)

While the steps are the same as if exporting from the Quilt Worktable, here are a couple of suggestions for setting up the layout: 1) Deleting the border and 2) Choosing either a 1x1 or 2x2 block layout, etc. would be preferable.

Have questions or need help exporting your design? Head to the Electric Quilt website for demos and technical support.

Upload your image

You can upload your image for the Barn Block Design Maker! Please note: 1. Limit one image 2. File types of .TIFF or .TIF only please 3. Max size 5MB

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