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Farm & Folk Quilt Alchemy


Farm & Folk Quilt Alchemy

A High-Country Guide to Natural Dyeing and Making Heirloom Quilts from Scratch


By Sara Larson Buscaglia
  • Hardcover
  • 176 pages
  • 7.4 in x 9.25 in
  • Features 20 full-color formulas to create 10 projects, including 7 full-size quilt patterns
  • New release! Published in September 2023


Artist and quiltmaker Sara Larson Buscaglia invites readers to her Colorado farm to learn the secrets—and beauty—of making natural dyes from foraged plants and stitching natural-fiber quilts by hand. Her creative practice centers on simplicity, working with nature, and using naturally derived materials and processes—and she is sharing that practice for the first time in this book.

Farm & Folk Quilt Alchemy explores natural dyeing methods and details the process of creating a quilt from scratch. With an emphasis on the slow and intentional aspects of hand stitching, Sara’s quilts are artful and satisfying to create. By focusing on select dye plants and recipes, which are all ideal for cotton and linen specifically, Sara teaches the reader how to achieve consistent and beautiful results using traditional handwork techniques.

About the Author

Sara is a self-taught organic farmer, natural dyer, quiltmaker, and founder of Farm & Folk. She has cultivated an avid following on social media and an audience invested in hand-stitched quilting, natural materials, and the art of creating lasting heirlooms. This is her first book. She lives in Durango, Colorado.

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